Evo Team Foundation (ETF)

layed down the base...

You can help us

"build the walls",

brick by brick!

The Evo Team Foundation was started in June 2020, in the middle of the pandemic.

It was started by an enthusiastic group of 15-20 people who are entrepreneurs, employees and people who just love to help others.

The foundation today has 7 employees and 55 children in a kindergarten and pre-school.

They are there 7 to 8 hours per day and they all get a meal while there (lunch).

Ronald Cann is the director of the foundation there and has been in charge since day 1.

We are located in the outskirts of Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The children come from needy families. Some of them have single parents. Some of them come from families with 4 or 5 siblings.

With 10 dollars per month you can provide a child with education and a meal per day in a safe environment.

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